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SQLite is one type of SQL database engine. It is mainly written in the C programming language. It is built with a C programming library.… Read More
MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database designed to store a large scale of data and allows you to work with that data very efficiently. It… Read More
Git is a well-known distributed version control system. There are many other distributed version control systems are present, like Mercurial, Bazar, etc but among them,… Read More
Flutter is an open-source system development kit used mainly for UI creation for multiple platforms such as Web, iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux, and embedded… Read More
Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution of the programming languages Python and R programming languages for scientific computing, data processing, and data analytics. It… Read More
Spotify is software that Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon own. Its origin country is Sweden. It comes in the industries of Audio streaming and Podcasting.… Read More
Schema migration is an important activity when dealing with databases that we frequently have to perform during the application’s life cycle to adapt to new… Read More
Caffe is a famous open-source deep learning framework developed and maintained by Berkley AI Research (BAIR). It’s extremely flexible, modular, and quick. On Github, there… Read More
Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system created by Linus Torvalds in 2005. Its features include support for distributed, non-linear workflows, branching,… Read More
Downloading and installation of SQL Express Server is an easy process, but first, let us understand what is SQL Server Express, then we will see… Read More
Plugins are software components that provide certain features to an existing computer program without altering the host program itself. Plugins can be used in web… Read More
Dash is a very useful Python tool. It is used to create a Python framework. Because of its popularity among developers, Dash is frequently used… Read More
In this article, we will see how to Install SimpleJson Package for Python SimpleJson is an open-source package in python. It is a fast, simple,… Read More
KDE Plasma graphical workspaces environment was created by KDE primarily for Linux systems. It is a very popular open community desktop environment designed to be… Read More
Pinta is a cross-platform, open-source bitmap image sketching and editing tool inspired by Paint.NET, a comparable image editing program available only for Microsoft Windows. Pinta… Read More

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