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Category Archives: Installation Guide

Autodesk 123D is computer software that is made for 1D, 2D, and for 3D graphical designing used by UI/UX designers or an engineer. It is… Read More
Pytaglib is a package in Python used for audio tagging. It is a cross-platformed library that works on Windows, Linux, and macOS. This package supports… Read More
AWS Lambda Layer is a zip file archive that contains the required additional code (libraries, dependencies, or custom runtimes) or data to run your AWS… Read More
The  Client / Server Application is a computer program that allows users to access what is stored on the server. Of course, both computers can… Read More
MongoDB was developed by Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz, they encountered development and scalability issues with traditional RDBMS while building web applications at DoubleClick, a… Read More
Selenium is an open-source umbrella project providing a collection of web browser automation technologies and libraries. Without having to learn a test scripting language, Selenium… Read More
Flutter is a framework for building cross-platform applications (android, ios, web) which use Dart as its programming language. Before IDEs like Android Studio and VS… Read More
Wireshark is computer software that is used for capturing and analyzing data packets, it is a powerful cyber security tool and is widely used by… Read More
Jekyll is mainly a site generator. These are generally static in nature. It helps to convert a text language to a static website. Basically, it… Read More
SourceTree is an amazing GUI client owned by Atlassian that simplifies how you interact with your repositories. Mostly everyone will use Git commands in the… Read More
Scala is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose, high-level programming language. It is an object-oriented programming language that also supports functional programming and it is easy to use.… Read More
Microsoft SQL Server Express is a feature-limited edition of Microsoft’s  SQL Server relational database management which is free to download, distribute, and use. It is… Read More
An unreal engine is computer software made with the purpose of game development so it is a game engine. The development credit of this software… Read More
Packet Tracer is computer software that is designed with the purpose of making network simulations to understand the networking and cyber security concepts in an… Read More
RAID is a data storage virtualization technology that combines multiple physical disk components into one or more logical units for the purpose of data redundancy,… Read More

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