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Category Archives: Installation Guide

The Shutter is a feature-rich, open-source screenshot utility running on Linux. It is simple to snap screenshots of a window, desktop, menu, or any other… Read More
A feed reader called Liferea, which stands for Linux Feed Reader, shows the information of numerous websites and keeps you informed of the latest news.… Read More
The standard file format for sharing files among businesses and people in PDF. The likelihood that a document downloaded from the internet will be in… Read More
An open-source, cross-platform desktop publishing tool is called Scribus. Brochures, newspapers, magazines, posters, novels, and even newsletters may all be designed and published using this… Read More
Administrators can administer Linux and Unix servers and systems using the web-based utility Webmin. You may manage user accounts, update and configure your system, monitor… Read More
Being the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu offers extensive support for a variety of apps. The Ubuntu application Xpad is about sticky notes and is… Read More
Marble is a virtual globe program that lets you pick between the Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, and other planets to show as a 3-D model.… Read More
Since it’s well-designed and integrated with Ubuntu Gnome Desktop, the Gnome Weather app should always be your first choice. The prediction is integrated into the… Read More
MongoDB is known as a document-oriented database server. A New York-based organization called 10 gen was building a platform as a service similar to window… Read More
mgo is a MongoDB driver for the Go language that implements a rich and well-tested selection of features under a very simple API following standard… Read More
Create vector pictures, typically in Scalable Vector Graphics format, using the free and open-source Inkscape editor. Anyone who wants to make their artwork, whether they… Read More
Using SQL Loader, data from external files are loaded into Oracle database tables. Its robust data parsing engine imposes few restrictions on the data file’s… Read More
Pixeluvo is a gorgeous picture and photo editor for Linux and Windows that supports Hi-DPI displays, new camera RAW formats, and other capabilities. A commercial… Read More
For Microsoft Windows, Zipware is a straightforward and cost-free zip program that supports all popular archiving formats, including the newest RAR5 format. The simplicity, speed,… Read More
Photo editing software called Showfoto provides effective features. This program’s standalone image editor from the digiKam project allows you to see your photographs and modify… Read More

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