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MySQL is an open-source database managing system. It is used for implementing databases. For any website or any other application, there must be some database… Read More
ipython-sql is a %sql magic for python. This is a magic extension that allows you to immediately write SQL queries into code cells and read the… Read More
iTunes application a premium music streaming service application developed by Apple Inc. for all the users of Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. iTunes app… Read More
The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a cross-platformed software development environment that offers a collection of tools and libraries necessary for developing Java-based software applications… Read More
PyBullet is a Python library based on the Bullet Physics SDK for physics simulation and robotics. It works with a variety of sensors, actuators, and… Read More
Web2py is a Python package that helps web developers to create dynamic online content. Although a web developer may construct a form from scratch if… Read More
PyPDF2 is a Python module for extracting document-specific information, merging PDF files, separating PDF pages, adding watermarks to files, encrypting and decrypting PDF files, and… Read More
Mpi4py is a Python package that implements the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard. It is built on top of the MPI specification and provides an… Read More
Git is a commonly used free and open-source version control system. It’s a tool used for source code management. It is used to handle from… Read More
A programmer’s backpack should include a logging library. It can aid in the development of a better knowledge of a program’s flow and the discovery… Read More
Word documents include formatted text wrapped in three object levels: Run objects at the lowest level, Paragraph objects at the intermediate level, and Document objects… Read More
Numdifftools is a Python-based toolkit that solves numerical differentiation issues in one or more variables automatically. To produce the most accurate outcome, finite differences are… Read More
Pyzmail is a high-level Python mail library. It has methods and classes that make reading, writing, and sending emails easier. There’s no reason why managing… Read More
Biopython is a collection of publicly accessible Python libraries for biological computing built by a multinational team of developers in Python 3. BioPython is a… Read More
PyAutoGUI allows your Python programs to automate interactions with other apps by controlling the mouse and keyboard. The API was created with simplicity in mind.… Read More

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