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Pre-requisite: Microsoft Cosmos DB Microsoft offers Azure Cosmos DB, a multi-model, globally distributed database service.  It is the first cloud database to offer comprehensive support… Read More
The GIF stands for ( Graphics Interchanges format ). The purpose of the creation is GIFs images are dynamic. it’s a little bit difficult to… Read More
NODUPKEY is a powerful feature of the PROC SQL procedure in SAS, allowing users to quickly and easily remove duplicate observations from their data. This… Read More
Prerequisites: What is a Substitution Cipher? What is a Monoalphabetic Cipher? A multiplicative cipher is a type of cipher that comes under a monoalphabetic cipher,… Read More
In cryptography, a message is secured by encrypting it with a certain key and then sending it over the network. The security of the encryption… Read More
Data preparation for the UI layer is done at the domain layer. If we think of this layer as a “black box,” the data model… Read More
The practice of using a device’s hardware to speed up an Android application’s drawing operations is known as hardware acceleration. To put it another way,… Read More
Video encoding has been a long-time feature present in the Android system, it only keeps getting better with newer hardware and now, it even goes… Read More
HAL in Android stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer, and it consists of various protocols and hardware equipment that ships with an Android phone, the HAL… Read More
The quick settings, notifications, the Settings app, and other features all seem to undergo changes with each major update to Android. The buttons for media… Read More
10-Bit Camera Stream capture had been a long-desired feature that was requested by the community worldwide, as smartphone cameras have been evolving for a very… Read More
You may have come across developing apps where you need support for High Resolution, High Definition audio to capture and process audio, this may be… Read More
Android 13 enhances the user experience when several active audio captures are required, such as when a user wants to use voice commands provided by… Read More
You may have come across the term Spatial Audio, if you have been under the rock then spatial audio is a great enhancement for audio,… Read More
Brick Breaker is a 2D arcade video game developed in the 1990s. The game consists of a paddle/striker located at the bottom end of the… Read More