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Netbeans is an integrated development environment for Java. It can be used to make interactive applications like desktop, mobile, and web applications with ease. The… Read More
Code::Blocks is a popular integrated development environment(IDE) used for compiling codes written in various programming languages like C, C++, Fortran, etc. It is a free… Read More
Django has become one of popular frameworks over the past few years. Often, after creating your django project, you are confused, how to share it… Read More
A linked list is a kind of linear data structure where each node has a data part and an address part which points to the… Read More
Given a string, containing digits and letters, the task is to write a Python program to calculate the number of digits and letters in a… Read More
A MySQL connector is needed to generate a connection between Python and the MySQL server. Here we will import mysql.connector library to get the average… Read More
Matplotlib is a library in Python and it is numerical — mathematical extension for NumPy library. Pyplot is a state-based interface to a matplotlib module… Read More
Let’s understand how we can concatenate two or more Data Frames. A concatenation of two or more data frames can be done using pandas.concat() method.… Read More
The Pandas in Python is known as the most popular and powerful tool for performing data analysis. It because of the beauty of Pandas functionality… Read More
Prerequisite – Proof of Work (PoW) As we know, the idea of Proof of Work was by Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor. This permissionless consensus… Read More
A Circle is a mathematical figure formed by joining all points lying on the same plane and are at equal distance from a given point.… Read More
In this article we will learn how to calculate standard deviation of a Matrix using Python. Standard deviation is used to measure the spread of… Read More
Tableau is the easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool used in data visualization. Its unique feature is, to allow data real-time collaboration and data blending, etc. Through… Read More
Given a number N and power P, the task is to find the power of a number ( i.e. NP ) using recursion. Examples:  Input:… Read More
In this article, We will see how to write the program to find the given number is Even or Odd. If the number is even… Read More

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