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If an object is solid then space occupied by such an object is measured and termed as the Volume of the object. In short, the… Read More
Java Database Connectivity or JDBC is a Java API (application programming interface) used to perform database operations through Java application. It allows the execution of… Read More
Park–Miller random number generator is also known as Lehmer random number generator. A general formula of a random number generator (RNG) of this type is,… Read More
Harmonic series is the inverse of an arithmetic progression. In general, the terms in a harmonic progression can be denoted as h1 = 1/a,  h2… Read More
OpenCV is a Machine Learning and open-source computer vision software library, the main purpose for which it was developed is to enable a common medium… Read More
Question 1. Describe the following sets in Roster form: (i) {x : x is a letter before e in the English alphabet} (ii) {x ∈… Read More
The EditText is one of the important UI element which takes the data as input from the user. The usual EditText in Android which looks… Read More
The audio focus in Android needs to be managed and it is one of the important to handle the audio interruptions. In android, many applications… Read More
Prerequisite: EditText widget in Android using Java with Examples Email validation is required to inform the user that the Email entered by the user is… Read More
In Android for recording audio or video, there is a built-in class called MediaRecorder. This class in Android helps to easily record video and audio… Read More
Augmented Faces permit the application to naturally distinguish various regions of an individual’s face, and utilize those areas to overlay resources, for example, surfaces and… Read More
In Perl generally, we have to read CSV (Comma Separated Values) files to extract the required data. Sometimes there are dates in the file name… Read More
Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on extracting knowledge from data sets that are typically huge in amount. The field encompasses analysis, preparing… Read More

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