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Selecting an image from a gallery in Android is required when the user has to upload or set their image as a profile picture or… Read More
Scratch Card View is one of the most seen UI components in Android apps. This type of UI component is generally seen in payments apps… Read More
Session Management is one of the most important features that are to be used in the Android App when you are integrating the login feature… Read More
COIL is an acronym for Coroutine Image Loader. COIL is one of the famous image loading libraries from URLs in Android. It is a modern… Read More
QR codes are used in many apps for displaying data in machine-readable form. These codes are used to represent data in a secured manner that… Read More
Android Jetpack is a set of software components, libraries, tools, and guidance to help in developing robust Android applications. Launched by Google in 2018, Jetpack… Read More
Support library packages in Android are a set of code libraries whose prime purpose is to provide backward-compatibility to the code and Android API framework.… Read More
Laziness is one of the most powerful properties of a good programmer, most android developers know about JakeWharton’s ButterKnife annotation library. Without writing repeated elements… Read More
Skype is a telecommunications application. We use skype for day to day chats, video conferencing, voice call through SkypeIn and SkypeOut. Skype uses VoIP (Voice-Over… Read More
The subplot() function in matplotlib helps to create a grid of subplots within a single figure. In a figure, subplots are created and ordered row-wise… Read More
CHARINDEX() : This function in SQL Server helps to return the position of a substring within a given string. The searching performed in this function… Read More
Graph Traversal using DFS is an obvious way to traverse a tree with recursion. Below is an algorithm for traversing binary tree using DFS.  Prerequisites … Read More
A Relation is basically a set or combination of requested sets. An arranged pair, normally called as a point. A relation is a group of… Read More
Clock speed, also known as clock rate or clock frequency, is a measure of how fast a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) can execute instructions.… Read More
This is a protocol which is used to control the concurrency in the Distributed database environment, Here we’ll read about the rules and regulations that… Read More

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