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Definite & Indefinite Articles Articles form an integral part of English grammar. They are important in defining the specificity of a noun. There are three… Read More
Prefixes in English Grammar In the English language, there are times when we come across a one-two syllable, or a group of letters being added… Read More
‘Stocks and Shares’ is an important topic of the Quantitative Aptitude section for all competitive examinations. To solve the questions of ‘Stocks and Shares’, you… Read More
Adverbs of Direction In order to perfect your English language, you need to learn many aspects of grammar. Whether it is an adjective, adverb, determiner,… Read More
Linking Verb You have undoubtedly observed by now that not all of them operate in the same manner within the many different kinds of statements… Read More
Stative Verbs In English grammar, a stative verb is a member of the types of verbs that describes a state or situation rather than an… Read More
Singular Noun Nouns are the naming words. It not only denotes the name of a person, place or thing but also the emotions, feelings, idea,… Read More
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs A verb can be explained as transitive or intransitive based on the requirement of an object to express a complete thought.… Read More
Action Verbs A phrase is never without action. Ram, for example, is eating. Savita is going to school, while Rahul is playing football. These terms… Read More
We are going to talk about one of the most important topic of English grammar, “Coordinating Conjunction,” in this article. This is an important article… Read More
Descriptive Adjective In English Grammar, many different aspects assist us in constructing grammatically sound sentences. Understanding the English language can be challenging; as a result,… Read More
IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2022 Reasoning Ability: In the IBPS Clerk Prelims, this portion has 35 questions, and the applicant is examined on the numerous… Read More
IBPS Clerk Exam 2022 Quantitative Aptitude: Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most significant areas of the IBPS Clerk Exam, with 35 questions for 35… Read More
IBPS Clerk Practice Paper: The candidates who are preparing for IBPS Clerk 2022 must go through the IBPS Clerk practice papers to get an exact… Read More
The General Awareness section’s questions are based on real-life experiences. It is an uncertain area since the questions are never specific or established. Reading newspapers,… Read More

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