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Category Archives: Software Testing

A memory leak is a type of issue that will not cause any problem unless Java Heap Memory is overflown, but once you start getting… Read More
JMeter is an open-source software used for test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. It is used for simulating heavy loads… Read More
Back-to-back testing is a method of comparing the performance of two or more systems or components by running them simultaneously and comparing their output. The… Read More
We come across failures many times after we execute our test scenarios through automation. These failures can be because of majorly two reasons: Functional Issue… Read More
REST, or Representational State Transfer, is a type of software architecture that is commonly used for building web services and APIs. A REST API is… Read More
Selenium is the software that is highly used in the field of testing a website. In the testing field, writing programming is known as Scripting.… Read More
BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Test Automation Framework is very popular nowadays because it allows us to describe the test cases from the user end perspective… Read More
In the modern era, online platforms are in use at a very high rate. As the competition is very high in the market to release… Read More
The article focuses on discussing the difference between JIRA and BugHerd. Before proceeding with the difference let’s understand each term in detail.  What is JIRA?… Read More
In software development, multi-tenancy refers to the ability of a software application or service to support multiple tenants or customers, each with its own unique… Read More
A completely randomized design (CRD) is one where the treatments are assigned completely at random so that each experimental unit has the same chance of… Read More
Buddy Testing as the name suggests involves two team members, one from the development team and one from the testing team. The article focuses on… Read More
This article focuses on discussing how to run a specific unit test class using Gradle by specifying the fully qualified name of the test class.… Read More
Two primary activities in computing are program development and the use of application software. Language processors and operating systems play an obvious role in these… Read More
Software testing is a vital activity to be performed during software development to release bug-free software that meets customer requirements. Testability is the ease with… Read More

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