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Democracy, literally meaning “rule by the people,” allows individuals to exercise political control over the form and functions of their government. While democracies take several… Read More
Democracy is a type of government where individuals have the power to pick their overseeing lawmakers. Whenever various individuals set out to really focus, they… Read More
The Constitution’s safeguards to protect minority communities are very important because they provide a way for those communities to have a voice in government. Without… Read More
The market is where products are presented by merchants in return for cash from purchasers. We go to the market to purchase everyday essentials, comfort… Read More
Demos, which means “common citizens,” and Kratos, which denotes power, are the two Greek words that are the origin of the phrase “a majority dominates… Read More
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In our nation, India, and in the World as a general rule, or even in our lives, we don’t esteem things that come simple. Anything… Read More
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