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A preamble refers to the index page of the constitution. The Preamble is an important essence in India’s constitution. It is crucial because it contains… Read More
Today, women and girls can pursue their educations. The position of women and girls has improved in other fields including health care, legislative reform, and… Read More
There are many stereotypes in society, including the misconception that girls and women can’t handle challenges. Because of these misconceptions, many women do not receive… Read More
It was the name given to the arrangement of racial separation that was rehearsed in South Africa. The blacks were not given similar privileges as… Read More
The term ‘Adivasi’ comes from Sanskrit and signifies ‘the first occupants.’ Adivasi is a term used to describe indigenous Indians that is extensively used in… Read More
Public health activity is taking place in India and there are many obstacles to its efforts to affect people’s lives. Since independence, major public health… Read More
People have been subjected to horrific forms of discrimination, abuse, avoidance, and torment throughout history because of their chosen religion. In the socialised world of… Read More
The Indian Constitution is known as a living report. The Indian Constitution is known as a living record since it very well may be changed… Read More
The Governments are picked by the people. The Members of Parliament and the Members of the Legislative Assembly are picked by the people. Choices are… Read More
The fundamental tenet of communal politics is that religion serves as the cornerstone of a social community. The following way of thinking is communalist. A… Read More
Power sharing is the process of distributing a country’s or region’s power among the various elements or organs of any given government, such as the… Read More
In addition to preserving freedoms, equality, and fraternity, the judiciary ensures justice for all of its citizens. The judiciary’s function in Indian democracy is to… Read More
Parliament is the place where laws are made. All parties bring the proposals in front of the Parliament in the form of bills. It is… Read More
In a market, items are bought and sold by both buyers and sellers. By doing so, a connection is made between the company and the… Read More
The activity of putting something or someone outside of a group and giving them less significance is known as marginalization. A minority or subgroup’s demands… Read More

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