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Marginalization implies when someone in particular or a group of individuals are caused to feel insignificant, by people with great influence. Marginalized people are compelled… Read More
The different marginal groups like Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, and women argue by being citizens of a democratic country, they possess equal rights that ought to… Read More
Minorities have challenged existing injustices in several ways. Muslims, Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims, and other marginalized groups have long claimed that because they are citizens of… Read More
Power Sharing is known as the distribution of power among the different organs of the government line executive, legislature, and judiciary. It can also be… Read More
The Election Commission of India is a permanent and independent organization established under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution to ensure free and fair elections.… Read More
A political arrangement is known as “power-sharing” involves the division and sharing of authority between various governmental organizations and tiers of government. Democracy is seen… Read More
When political institutions, such as the Cabinet Of ministers, the Civil Servants, the Supreme Court, etc., carry out their given duties, the system operates properly.… Read More
Confronting alludes to the manner by which groups and people challenge the current inequalities. In many cases, the marginalized groups are deprived of Fundamental Rights.… Read More
Parliament is the best example of a Collective Executive body. All the contributors of an administrative body exert equal authority and power in giving a… Read More
A public character is an individual’s personality or feeling of having a place in at least one state or in at least one nation. It… Read More
The President of India is the head of the country and is likewise the first citizen of India. Article 52 of the Constitution of India… Read More
On 28 December 1885, the principal meeting of the Indian National Congress (INC) was held at Bombay and went on till 31 December. It was… Read More
After the independence of the nation, the first thing, which was required the most was the kind of constitution that could lead to the well-being… Read More
The  Indian Constitution is one of the most interesting documents on the planet. No country has a constitution as comprehensive as ours and it is… Read More
The Sinhalese are an Indo-Aryan ethnic group living on the island of Sri Lanka. They make up about 75 percent of Sri Lanka’s population with… Read More

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