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A political party is a group of people who band together to seek office and take over government power. Every political party has ideas and… Read More
The Indian Constitution has a parliamentary form of government at both the national and state levels. The executive is accountable to the legislature for its policies and… Read More
A constitution’s preamble is the first portion of the introduction of the document. It usually includes the country’s history, fundamental ideas and goals, and a… Read More
The judicial system is made up of courts that resolve legal issues.  Judiciary is the important system of a country that ensures law and order… Read More
In early 1980, Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer and Justice P.N. Bhagwati became the pioneers of PIL or Public Interest Litigation. The concept started in the… Read More
Social justice is a political and philosophical hypothesis affirming that there are aspects to the idea of equity past those encapsulated in the standards of… Read More
India is governed by a federal structure. The provincial or state government and the central government both oversee the same territory in a federal organization.… Read More
An individual not having any actual problems or wounds is solid. This means successfulness is the capability to remain liberated from illness, wounds, and infections.… Read More
The media plays a very important role in a democracy in furnishing news and events that take place in the country and the world. On… Read More
In a democracy, political parties are one of the most important institutions. For most people, democracy is synonymous with political parties. It is critical to… Read More
Every person has a Fundamental Right to be represented by a lawyer, according to Article 22 of the Constitution. The State is required by Article… Read More
Social or government institutions create a set of rules by giving precise definitions after a long-standing debate and enforce them on a human to regulate… Read More
Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, women, and other marginalized groups claim that just because they are citizens of democratic democracy, they have equal rights that must be… Read More
Voters are basically the owners of the country and it is the duty of the government to get the names of all those persons, who… Read More
The rulers of democracy must work with and within institutions. They come across three institutions in this process: legislative, executive, and judiciary, all of which… Read More

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