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In a society, if someone violates the law, the police officers file a report and arrest him, but the police have no power to decide… Read More
There are many important things in this article, understanding which will make it easier to read and understand the Constitution. We have tried to cover… Read More
Women Empowerment refers to the process that ignites power in women to live respectfully in a society and are able to access opportunities in a… Read More
The positioning framework, which depends on the ways of thinking of virtue and contamination, pecking order and distinction, has notwithstanding friendly portability, been oppressive towards… Read More
Gender division in our society is seen as a natural and unchangeable concept. The roles of men and women in society have a hierarchical division… Read More
To provide justice and enforce laws in the country, it is important to have an independent judiciary. An independent judiciary simply means a kind of… Read More
The government in a democratic country is expected to work for the welfare of the people in several ways. They are expected to provide public… Read More
Work helps us earn a living. But more importantly, work gives us a sense of worth to do something and gives meaning to our being.… Read More
It is the responsibility of the public authority to work on the infrastructural assets which incorporate the accessibility of water, electrical lattice, telecom, street, and… Read More
Democracy, literally meaning “rule by the people,” allows individuals to exercise political control over the form and functions of their government. While democracies take several… Read More
Democracy is a type of government where individuals have the power to pick their overseeing lawmakers. Whenever various individuals set out to really focus, they… Read More
The Constitution’s safeguards to protect minority communities are very important because they provide a way for those communities to have a voice in government. Without… Read More
The market is where products are presented by merchants in return for cash from purchasers. We go to the market to purchase everyday essentials, comfort… Read More
Demos, which means “common citizens,” and Kratos, which denotes power, are the two Greek words that are the origin of the phrase “a majority dominates… Read More
Power Sharing is the most common way of conveying power among various parts or organs of the public authority, for example, the three levels of… Read More

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