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Spherical mirrors are generally constructed from glass. A spherical surface is a part cut from a hollow sphere. This curved surface of the glass has… Read More
One of the dangerous and major natural disasters that take place is the Earthquake. Due to earthquakes every year huge damage to property and life… Read More
Hydrostatic pressure can be stated as the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force… Read More
Potential energy in physics is the energy that an object possesses as a result of its position. The term Potential Energy was first introduced by… Read More
The light gets reflected or refracted from the surfaces or medium. Any surface which is polished or in other words is shiny always acts like… Read More
A spherical mirror or a mirror that is a part of a sphere is a mirror that has the shape of a piece that is… Read More
Refraction is an important term used in the Ray Optics branch of Physics. Refraction of light is defined as the change in direction or the… Read More
Kinetic Energy is the energy associated with an object moving with a velocity. For an object of mass m and velocity, its kinetic energy is… Read More
When looked at the night sky many heavenly bodies like stars, moon, satellites, etc are observed in the sky.  Satellites are small objects revolving or… Read More
In daily life, you are doing activities like study, running speaking, hear, climbing, gossips with friends and a lot of other things. Do you know?… Read More
We use general things around us that are moving, like if we see around us, monitor air moving around us, like we have clocks with… Read More
Laws of Reflection is a principle or rule that governs the phenomenon of reflection of light. The law of reflection states that a light ray… Read More
The light gets reflected from the surfaces. Any surface which is polished or in other words is shiny always acts like a mirror. The observation… Read More
The force that acts between two bodies which are sliding or trying to slide against each other is known as friction. For example, when we… Read More
The process of bouncing back light rays which fall on the surface of an object, is called the reflection of light. A plane mirror reflects… Read More