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It is often seen a bright flash of light in the clouds followed by a sound called thunder. This bright flash of light is known… Read More
Newton’s Laws of motion were first proposed by Sir Issac Newton in the late 17th century. Newton’s First Law of Motion basically states that a… Read More
Whether or not that apple actually landed on Isaac Newton’s head, as some stories would have it, this equation given by universal law of gravitation… Read More
The nucleus of an atom is very small. But it is a matter of fact that a single tiny nucleus of an atom will produce a… Read More
A push force or pull force is a force upon an object arising from the object’s or body’s interaction with another object. A push or… Read More
Mirrors are the surfaces that reflect almost all types of incident light rays that hit their surface. The mirror can have either a plane or… Read More
Acceleration due to gravity (or acceleration of gravity) or gravity acceleration is the acceleration caused by the gravitational force of attraction of large bodies. As… Read More
During thunderstorms, air currents move upwards and water droplets move down. This causes the separation of charges between clouds and between clouds and earth. When… Read More
In our everyday life, it is observed that some effort is required to put an object in a rest state into motion or to stop… Read More
Spherical mirrors are generally constructed from glass. A spherical surface is a part cut from a hollow sphere. This curved surface of the glass has… Read More
One of the dangerous and major natural disasters that take place is the Earthquake. Due to earthquakes every year huge damage to property and life… Read More
Hydrostatic pressure can be stated as the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force… Read More
Potential energy is the energy gained by an object, just because of its position relative to other objects, stresses within itself, its electric charge, or… Read More
The light gets reflected or refracted from the surfaces or medium. Any surface which is polished or in other words is shiny always acts like… Read More
A spherical mirror or a mirror that is a part of a sphere is a mirror that has the shape of a piece that is… Read More

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