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Category Archives: School Physics

Motion in a plane is when an object moves in two coordinates, say x, y or y, z, and so on. One of the examples… Read More
There are always two cases of things falling to the ground. One is when something is thrown to the ground, for example, throwing a ball.… Read More
Mother Earth always seems to be stationary to human beings but in reality, Earth is constantly revolving around the Sun, and it is a Universal… Read More
A conductor has a large number of free electrons. When a potential difference is applied across the ends of a conductor, the free electrons move… Read More
There existed a time when no electronic devices were available, devices like laptops, and cellphones, there even was a time when humans did not have… Read More
A rainbow shining against a gloomy stormy sky is a sight that everyone loves. How does sunshine shining through pure raindrops produce the rainbow of… Read More
Forces are required to move, turn, shift, release, shut, drive, drag, and so on. When you throw a ball, you are exerting energy on it… Read More
Refractive Index is a property of any material which is used to define the ratio between the speed of light in a medium to the… Read More
A famous British scientist Isaac Newton derived three equations of motion that describe the most fundamental concepts of motion of an object. These equations govern… Read More
Glass has a special property of allowing infra-red radiation of shorter wavelengths to pass through it. But the glass does not allow the infra-red radiation… Read More
We hear sound whenever we talk, listen to some music, or play any musical instrument, etc. But did you ever wondered what is that sound… Read More
The flow of electric charges is known as electricity, and it is responsible for producing electric current. An important word associated with electricity is electric… Read More
In science, a push or pull of an entity is identified as a Force. The interaction between two objects arises from the force. Force has… Read More
Sound energy is the type of energy that allows our ears to sense something. When a body vibrates or moves in a ‘to-and-fro’ motion, a… Read More
Light may be reasonable energy referred to as nonparticulate radiation. This way of energy is additionally employed in x-ray machines, microwave ovens, and radios. The… Read More