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The laws of motion, which are the foundation of old-style mechanics, are three explanations that portray the connections between the forces following up on a… Read More
The phenomenon of spontaneous emission of radiation by radioactive substances came to be known as radioactivity. A naturally occurring heavy nucleus is unstable. It spontaneously… Read More
One atom is unrestricted in its movement in space along the X, Y, and Z axes. Each of these actions, however, uses energy. This is… Read More
The dual nature of light describes that light has dual nature. It behaves as both particle i.e. corpuscles nature (Energy particle of Planck) and waves… Read More
Surface area (A) and time duration have a direct relationship with the amount of heat radiated (Q) (t). Therefore, it is practical to think about… Read More
The bending of light at the edges of an obstacle whose size is comparable to the wavelength of light is called diffraction. To put it… Read More
Physics is a branch of science that studies matter, its fundamental compositions, motion, behavior through space and time, and their relations with energy and force.… Read More
Waves are things that do not have a definite position we can not specify a definite position to waves they are spread across space, but… Read More
According to Wien’s Law, objects with varying temperatures emit spectra with peak wavelengths at specific locations. It bears the name Wilhelm Wien after the German… Read More
Decibel is the unit of sound intensity. It is the ratio of two physical quantities and then the logarithm of the ratio is taken. It… Read More
Laplace Correction is used to modify the speed of sound in the gas. Assuming that sound waves propagate in an isothermal state in air or… Read More
Physical optics, frequently known as wave optics, is a discipline of optics that looks at obstruction, diffraction, polarization, and different peculiarities for which the mathematical… Read More
Capillary tubes, also known as narrow cylindrical tubes, have very small diameters. It is observed that the liquid in the capillary either rises (or) decreases… Read More
Moving charges is an electric current that passes through a fixed point in a fixed period of time. Moving charges are responsible for establishing the… Read More
There is a story about the discovery of gravity which says that Newton discovered gravity in the year 1665 when he was sitting under the… Read More

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