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Many inventions and discoveries have been produced to make life easier for humans. One such discovery that we are extremely reliant on to make our… Read More
Diffraction is a phenomenon shown by light. When the wave of light interacts with the particle in the atmosphere it bends at the corners and… Read More
According to Ohm’s law, the voltage or potential difference between two locations is proportional to the current of electricity flowing through the resistance, and the… Read More
The kinetic theory of gases is a simple, historically significant classical model of gas thermodynamic behavior that laid the groundwork for many fundamental thermodynamic notions.… Read More
Second law of thermodynamics defines that heat cannot move from a reservoir of lower temperature to a reservoir of higher temperature in a cyclic process.… Read More
There are several types of magnetism, with ferromagnetism being the most powerful. Ferromagnetic materials have a spontaneous net magnetization at the atomic level, even when… Read More
Have you noticed how many of the insulators are made of wood, plastic, or glass? But why is that? When we utilise wood or plastic,… Read More
The genesis of magnetism is due to the spin motion of electrons and their interactions with one another. Describing how materials respond to magnetism is… Read More
The magnetic field and strength are the main differences between permanent magnets and electromagnets. A wire-wound coil creates the magnetic field in an Electromagnet, whereas… Read More
If you were to leave your house on a hot, sunny day, you would undoubtedly wear sunglasses. If you’re watching a 3D movie, you’ll also… Read More
A charge is surrounded by an electric field when it is sufficiently sluggish and sits idle. This would make sense to you because it is… Read More
A magnetic moment is a measurement of a magnet’s magnetic strength and direction, as well as any other item that creates a magnetic field. A… Read More
In a system with a magnetic field, hysteresis occurs. Ferromagnetic materials have a common characteristic called hysteresis. The hysteresis effect is a phenomenon that occurs… Read More
Resistor definition indicates that it is a basic component found in all electrical gadgets. The resistor is a two-terminal passive electrical component. According to its… Read More
If you’ve ever used a compass (either a classic mechanical one or one incorporated into your smartphone), you’ll know that it always points north. If… Read More

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