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The temperature at which the resistor’s resistance equals the noise power produced by the circuit or device is known as the effective noise temperature. Use… Read More
Moving charges is an electric current that passes through a fixed point in a fixed period of time. Moving charges are responsible for establishing the… Read More
Electromagnetism is a combination of two different phenomena i.e. Electricity and magnetism. Electricity and magnetism are interrelated, when electric charges move through a conductor they… Read More
When a charge move it generates an electric field and the rate of flow of charge is the current in the electric field. This is… Read More
Wave optics, also known as Physical optics, deals with the study of various phenomena such as diffraction, polarization, interference, resolution, and other occurrences. Wave optics… Read More
Optoelectronics is the research, design, and production of a hardware device that transforms electrical energy into light and light into energy using semiconductors. It is… Read More
Moving charges generate an electric field and the rate of flow of charge is known as current. This is the basic concept in Electrostatics. The… Read More
Electromagnetic Waves are coupled time-varying electric and magnetic fields that propagate in space. This varying electric field gives rise to a magnetic field, this magnetic… Read More
Phasor analysis is used to determine the steady-state response to a linear circuit functioning on sinusoidal sources with frequency (f). It is very common. For… Read More
The projectile motion of an object is the motion of an object that is launched into space. The object that is launched into space is… Read More
The moment of inertia, referred to as the angular mass or rotational inertia, with respect to the rotation axis is a quantity that determines the… Read More
Electricity is the flow of electric charges through a metal. All charges present in a conductor whether free or bound, are considered to be at… Read More
The laws of motion, which are the foundation of old-style mechanics, are three explanations that portray the connections between the forces following up on a… Read More
The phenomenon of spontaneous emission of radiation by radioactive substances came to be known as radioactivity. A naturally occurring heavy nucleus is unstable. It spontaneously… Read More
One atom is unrestricted in its movement in space along the X, Y, and Z axes. Each of these actions, however, uses energy. This is… Read More

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