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Pressure is the perpendicular force applied per unit area of a surface. It has SI unit Pascal (Pressure is said to be 1 Pascal if… Read More
A wave is a propagating dynamic disturbance (change from equilibrium) of one or more quantities that is commonly described by a wave equation in physics,… Read More
A lens is a piece of polished glass with curved sides for concentrating or dispersing the beam of light rays. A lens is used for… Read More
When a coil made of copper wire is placed inside a magnetic field, the magnetic flux gets added to the coil. Faraday found that when… Read More
Magnetic flux through any surface placed in a magnetic field is defined as the number of magnetic lines of force crossing the surface normally. It… Read More
The mass-energy equation is one of the critical underpinnings of Physics. German Physicist Albert Einstein set forth this popular regulation. This regulation expresses that mass… Read More
When current is admitted through a conductor, it revised the space around the conductor. If a magnetic pole is located at a point near the… Read More
When a potential difference is applied across an object (conductor), the electrons start moving, which produces a current in the object. During this movement of… Read More
We witness several examples of gravity working with force in our daily lives. We know that there is continual motion and force in the cosmos… Read More
CBSE Class 12th session 2021-2022: Due to the unexpected nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has developed and implemented… Read More
The moment is basically a force which is defined as the movement to rotate a body about a certain position. Let’s understand about the moment… Read More
The Biot-Savart equation expresses the magnetic field created by a current-carrying wire. This conductor or wire is represented as a vector quantity called the current… Read More
The first thing that comes to mind after hearing initial velocity is that it is the velocity of an object when it started moving from… Read More
Kelvin and Celsius are two scales of temperature. Both of the scales are used in their own unique way. Kelvin scale is mainly used by… Read More
Speed is simply as you know the measure of how fast or slow an object is moving, like how fast are you driving a car.… Read More

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