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Category Archives: School Physics

Nuclear fusion is the method through which our sun generates energy from atomic nuclei. Nuclear fusion is a method of releasing energy by combining nuclei.… Read More
Nuclear energy, also known as atomic energy, is the energy released in large quantities by operations that influence atomic nuclei, the dense centres of atoms.… Read More
A current that originates in an exceeding conductor in reaction to a changing magnetic field is known as an eddy current. They circulate in tight… Read More
Semiconductors is a kind of material that has resistivity and conductivity in between metals and insulators. On the basis of purity semiconductors are of two… Read More
A changing magnetic flux produces a voltage or current in a conductor, which is known as electromagnetic induction. It can happen when a solenoid’s magnetic… Read More
Many of the motions happening around us have a circular nature. From a fan on the ceiling to a hand of a clock doing circles.… Read More
André-Marie Ampere, a French physicist, proposed Ampere’s Circuital Law. Ampere was born in Lyon, France, on January 20, 1775. His father educated him at home,… Read More
The process of induction occurs when a change in magnetic flux causes an emf to oppose that change. One of the main reasons for the… Read More
Electromagnetic induction, often known as induction, is a process in which a conductor is placed in a certain position and the magnetic field varies or… Read More
Alternating Current is used in almost every electrical device operating in our lives right now. This form of electricity has many advantages over the traditional… Read More
An object performing a circular motion is changing its velocity every second. That means a force acts on the particle which makes it move in… Read More
A particle moving in a 1-dimensional space requires only one coordinate to specify its position. In two dimensions similarly, two coordinates are required. Three-dimensional motions… Read More
There are a lot of objects around us in real life that are constantly performing the circular motion, even our planet revolves around the sun… Read More
Physics requires an understanding of matter’s underlying structure. Without the Rutherford gold foil experiment, it would be impossible to determine the size of the nucleus,… Read More
Simple Harmonic Motion is a type of periodic motion that repeats itself after a certain time period. It is seen almost everywhere in real life,… Read More

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