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Line is a straight one-dimensional figure that has no thickness. In geometry, a line extends endlessly in both directions. It is described as the shortest… Read More
To graph a straight line we need at least two points which lie on the straight line. From the slope-intercept form of the given straight… Read More
Chapter 1 Rational Numbers – Exercise 1.3 | Set 1 Question 11. What number should be subtracted from 3/7 to get 5/4? Solution: Let the number… Read More
Chapter 9 Algebraic Expressions and Identities – Exercise 9.5 | Set 1  Question 5. Show that: (i) (3x + 7)2 – 84x = (3x –… Read More
Question 1. Multiply: (i) 7/11 by 5/4 Solution: 7/11 × 5/4 Multiplying numerator with numerator of other rational number and denominator with denominator = (7… Read More
Question 1: Verify the property: x × y = y × x by taking: (i) x = -1/3, y = 2/7 Solution: x × y… Read More
Chapter 1 Rational Numbers – Exercise 1.7 |  Set 1 Problem 11. The cost of 2 1/3 meters of cloth is Rs 75 ¼. Find the… Read More
Problem 1. Simplify each of the following and write as a rational number in the form of p/q: (i) 3/4 + 5/6 + -7/8 Solution:… Read More
Question 1. State whether True or False. (a) All rectangles are squares.  Answer: False, In square all sides are equal, but in rectangle length and… Read More
Question 1. List the outcomes you can see in these experiments. (a) Spinning a wheel (b) Tossing two coins together Solution: (a) Since, there are… Read More
There are several forms to represent the equation of a straight line on the two-dimensional coordinate plane. Three major of them are point-slope form, slope-intercept… Read More
A matrix is simply a rectangular array or set of elements. The Matrix can be defined as an m*n element in the form of m… Read More
Question 1. Find the product of the following pairs of monomials. Monomial: Expression containing only one term (i) 4, 7p  Ans:   (4) * (7p) =… Read More