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Exponents and powers are used to simplify the representation of very large or very small numbers. Power is a number or expression that represents the… Read More
Trigonometry is one of the important topics in mathematics that is used in various fields. The trigonometric formulae are applied and used in various formulae,… Read More
Conic Sections are the figures or curves which are generated from the sections of the cone. Different curves are generated when we cut the cone… Read More
British Mathematician Arthur Cayley was the first person to develop the algebraic aspect of the matrix. After that, Psychiat Heisenberg used matrices as a tool… Read More
Linear regression is defined as a data technique that determines the relationship between two variables by applying a linear equation to the given data. Here,… Read More
In geometry, a cube is a solid or hollow three-dimensional form of a square that has six square faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges. Some… Read More
Relative standard deviation is defined as a percentage standard deviation that calculates how much the data entries in a set are distributed around the mean… Read More
The set of all points in a plane is called a hyperbola. The distance between these two fixed points in the plane will remain constant.… Read More
According to the definition of a right triangle, If one of the triangle’s angles is a right angle at 90° – the triangle is termed… Read More
The quotient rule is an important rule in the concept of derivatives. To find the derivatives of complex fractions this quotient rule is used. This… Read More
Arithmetic Progression(A.P) is a sequence of numbers with a constant difference between consecutive terms. This difference is called the Common Difference of the AP. It… Read More
A method for turning a quadratic formula of the form ax2 + bx + c to the vertex form a(x – h)2 + k is… Read More
The distance formula is used to calculate the distance between any two points in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional plane. In other words, it gives the… Read More
A pyramid is defined as a three-dimensional polyhedron with three or more triangle-shaped faces that meet above the base and a polygonal base. The triangle… Read More
A fraction is a numerical figure that represents a part of a whole.. A fraction is made up of two parts: the numerator and the… Read More

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