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‌The history of India starts with the introduction of the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), also called Harappa Civilization. It prospered around 2,500 BC, in the… Read More
Two hundred years ago, women’s rights were drastically different. Many young children were getting married. In some areas of the region, women were forced to… Read More
The Faraizi rebellion was a movement organized by Haji Ali Hamza Awan in Eastern Bengal that called on Muslims to renounce non-Islamic practices and fulfil… Read More
Common boundaries are often shared between countries and this shapes a lot of the constitutional and political features of the countries involved. Let us first… Read More
In the year 1906, the formation of the Muslim League was the most profound reason, which births the concept of the two-nation theory, and eventually,… Read More
India is an agriculture-based country. The vast majority of individuals in India rely upon agribusiness for their work. A land charge is the fundamental wellspring… Read More
The Company made a legitimate system of administration. The Indian rulers didn’t have a legitimate system of administration. The Company took ideas from intellectuals and… Read More
Portuguese wayfarer Vasco de Gama turns into the main European to arrive at India through the Atlantic Ocean when he shows up at Calicut on… Read More
Bharat Ratan Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is known as the “Father of Indian Constitution”  as he chaired the Drafting Committee of the Constitutional Parliament. He… Read More
During the medieval period, two significant clans which cooperated with different clans and rose to control were the Gonds and the Ahoms. The Gonds were… Read More
The Bahmani empire was famously known as the Bahmani sultanate, which was considered the first independent Islamic kingdom in south India during the medieval era.… Read More
Quit India Movement popularly known as August Kranti, was launched by  Indian National Congress( INC) on 8th August 1942. The place where Gandhiji delivered his… Read More
The Jatakas are a significant piece of Buddhist workmanship and writing. They portray the past presences or births of the Buddha (the Enlightened One) when… Read More
The National Movement in India shapes a significant age in history as it assisted with welding different individuals and segments of society into one country.… Read More
Nazi Party, name for National Socialist German Worker’s Party .Under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, in the year 1933 the party came into power. The… Read More

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