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A plant populace that has developed normally without the help of people is alluded to as regular vegetation. For a significant stretch of time, they… Read More
A riverine island is a solid foundation and a place between two parallel rivers or in the middle of a river. It can also be… Read More
Narmada Bachao Andolan – NBA is an Indian social development driven by local clans, ranchers, tree huggers, and basic freedoms activists against the development of… Read More
A delta is a wetland formed when a river empties its water and sediment into another body of water, such as the sea, lake, or… Read More
The multi-objective task is to rationally manage the country’s water resources. Multipurpose business is a huge business that caters to different needs like flood control,… Read More
Islands are little parcels encompassed by water, on all sides. They can be in the middle between oceans, seas, lakes, or in the middle between… Read More
The Punjab Canal Colonies or Canal Colonies are the parts of the western Punjab that were brought under cultivation by the construction of canals during… Read More
The existence of the poor in country India is firmly administered by the repeating idea of occasional changes. This relationship turns out as expected in… Read More
The high population expansion is one of the major issues the world is currently facing. The majority of the world’s nations are experiencing unstable population… Read More
Geothermal energy is heat that is produced inside the Earth. (Geo signifies “earth,” and thermal signifies “heat” in Greek.) It is a sustainable asset that… Read More
Cropping is the process of selecting specific plants to grow on a larger field to achieve the desired yield. This can be done manually using… Read More
Biodiversity is defined as the variety and variability among all groups of living organisms and the ecosystem complexes in which they occur.  Dividing the entire… Read More
The diversity of different species on  Earth is called plant and animal biodiversity. The term biodiversity was given by Walter G. Rosen in 1986 and… Read More
Kanpur is called the Manchester of Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is the biggest city in Uttar Pradesh, the main commercial and industrial activities center. It is… Read More
India supported civilization in the old world. A fascinating component of all old development was that its occupants understood the huge worth of water in… Read More

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