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In the solar system, a very large round object in the universe orbiting the Sun or another star. A planet is a stationary celestial body… Read More
Lakshadweep is the name of the group of islands in the Arabian Sea. A part of subcontinental land that is surrounded by sea or any… Read More
In essence, monsoons are seasonal winds that change direction as the season’s change. Thus, they are cyclical winds. The monsoons are a twofold system of… Read More
India represents its second spot in the most elevated populace in the world and this made India send off the National family arranging a program… Read More
Soil preservation incorporates all such means which help in shielding the dirt from disintegration, form terracing and bunding, development of bunds across ravines, evening out… Read More
A resource is anything that is useful and adds value to life. Everything that exists in nature and is useful to mankind – air, water,… Read More
A tanka, otherwise called a tanka or Kund, is a traditional rainwater collecting strategy, normal to the Thar desert district of Rajasthan, India. It is… Read More
The Public Distribution System (PDS) is India’s food security system, which has evolved into affordable food distribution and emergency management system. Distribute food and nonfood… Read More
India is a diverse country, and this diversity is reflected in its flora and fauna. There are many species of plants, animals, mammals, and reptiles.… Read More
There are many kinds of guides on the planet. The geographers utilize these guides to address and comprehend the earth and assist individuals with learning… Read More
The movement of goods and people from one place to another, and the various means of carrying out such movement. The growth in the ability… Read More
From early June to mid-September is the duration of the monsoon. Most parts of the country get rainfall in this period. South India typically gets… Read More
India’s environment is overwhelmed by rainstorms. Rainstorms are solid, frequently rough breezes that take an alternate route with the season. Storm twists blow from cold… Read More
The word communication has numerous consequences. It is essentially a course of communication with individuals and their current circumstances. Through such interac­tions, at least two… Read More
The peninsula drainage system precedes the Himalayan drainage system. This is evident in the maturity of the wide, large, stepped flat valleys and rivers. The… Read More

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