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Energy from fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear material, the sun, and wind, are the primary sources of electricity. Energy is a… Read More
Due to the country’s diverse temperature, morphology, and habitat, India’s flora is among the world’s most diverse. India is home to about 18,000 flowering plant… Read More
Our life completely revolves around minerals. It is a naturally occurring substance with genetic composition. One or more types of minerals compose a rock. Different… Read More
Climate is the sum total of meteorological conditions and fluctuations across a vast area over a longer period of time, usually more than thirty years.… Read More
A mineral is defined by geologists as a “homogeneous, naturally occurring material having a recognizable internal structure.” Minerals may be found in a variety of… Read More
In the world, there are 12 mega biodiversity countries and our Country India is one of them. India has a huge variety of Flora and… Read More
Minerals are inorganic compounds found naturally on the soil as well as components in food required for healthy living. They feature an organized internal structure,… Read More
Manufacturing is the process of creating or producing items using equipment, labor, machinery, tools, and chemical or biological processing or formulation. The manufacturing industries are… Read More
The term ‘drainage’ refers to the natural or artificial evacuation of surplus surface or subsurface water from a region. The word ‘drainage system’ refers to… Read More
Soil formation takes place through a plethora of processes, which include weathering of rocks and mixing of rock materials with organic debris which is formulated… Read More
India is one of the world’s oldest civilisations. It has progressed, demonstrating notable achievements in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and general economic development. India has also… Read More
Soil is a vital natural resource that sustains the bulk of the world’s plant and animal life. It is a resource that can be replenished.… Read More
India is one of the earliest cultures in the world and has a remarkable history. it has attained composite socio-economic progression during the period of… Read More
Using raw materials for the production of goods that are valuable in large quantities can be termed as manufacturing and industries which can create a… Read More

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