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Fiber-yielding plants have been critical to man and they rank second just to food plants in their handiness. In antiquated times, plants were of significant… Read More
A large delta plain surrounded by the Krishna and Godavari rivers, two vast east coast waterways adjacent to the territory of Andhra Pradesh, and the… Read More
Any elevated area or highlands or uplands, such as a mountain, a hill, a plateau, a terrain, or any other land area higher than the… Read More
A lake is a body of water surrounded by land. The water in the lake is calm or standing. That is, it does not flow… Read More
Hydropower, or hydroelectric power, is a sustainable wellspring of energy that creates power by utilizing a dam or redirection construction to change the normal progression… Read More
The Peninsular plateau is a tableland made out of the old crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rocks. It has its arrangement related to the breaking of… Read More
An elevated area or highlands or uplands, such as a mountain, a hill, a plateau, terrain, or any other land area higher than the land… Read More
Iron metal is the commonest of all minerals. Taking into account its convenience and measure of depo­sition, it is unrivaled among the minerals. Wherever on… Read More
A group of plants that grow naturally without human assistance is called natural vegetation. For a long time, they were also not exposed to human… Read More
Biodiversity is the diversity of living things from a variety of sources, including terrestrial, marine, and desert ecosystems as well as the ecological complexes to… Read More
Sedimentation is the consolidated name for every one of the cycles that make natural and mineral particles get settled. The molecule that aids in framing… Read More
An unspeakable catastrophe struck India in the shape of the Bhopal gas leak, which exposed over 5,000 people to methyl isocyanate gas and other very… Read More
Sundarbans is a mangrove area in the Ganga delta formed in the confluence of Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal. Sundarban… Read More
They are the quick streaming, narrow, and wandering air currents and flows in theatmosphere of Earth.They generally are situated close to the altitude of the… Read More
Petroleum, the mineral in the best interest of present-day industry, supplies around 50% of the world’s energy requirements. It gives fuel to intensity and lighting,… Read More

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