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Stock assets are assets that can be enduringly consumed, and are accordingly non-inexhaustible. Their amount is generally communicated in outright sums as opposed to in… Read More
The tertiary sector encompasses a variety of activities like administration, transport, financial and real estate activities along with health, education, social work and bussiness.Reasons why… Read More
Resources are precious gifts of nature but are not free or unlimited, and should be used by humans with caution. A resource is characterized as… Read More
It is a course of joining different contributions to make something for utilizations. Creation is a result of monetary action. For making or delivering something,… Read More
Road transport is transporting the goods, and people from one place to another place on road. The road acts as a bridge to reach from… Read More
Farming is the activity of growing crops or keeping animals in a farm. The main steps of farming include preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure… Read More
Storms/monsoons in India are known for their varieties and vulnerabilities in view of the shift of dry and wet spells in their power, recurrence and… Read More
India is a country of rich cultural and historical heritage. Due to its vast coastline, it became a prominent place for trade. But even though… Read More
Siwalik Range, also known as Siwalik Hills or the Outer Himalayas, Siwalik, usually written Shiwalik, is a sub-Himalayan range in northern India. It stretches over… Read More
A storm is an occasional shift in the course of the predominant, or most grounded, winds of a district. Rainstorm cause wet and dry seasons… Read More
A disaster is characterized as a disturbance of enormous scope, either regular or man-made, happening in short or extensive stretches. Disasters can prompt human, material,… Read More
Saltiness is the salt substance in water. It is estimated by taking a gander at the all out disintegrated solids (TDS) and estimating their weight… Read More
Monsoon refers to seasonal prevail winds in regions of South and South East Asia, blowing from direction of south-west between months of May and September… Read More
The Himalayas are the tallest mountain range on the planet, they have long propelled stories and stories of distant grounds, their blurred levels provoking the… Read More
Deciduous forests, also known as broad-leaf forests are temperate forests with variations, whose trees shed their leaves each year. They are usually situated in areas… Read More

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