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Economic activity refers to the human endeavors that produce income. Economic activity enables us to develop income in the form of a wage or salary… Read More
A bill of exchange is a sort of written order or notification used in trading that obligates one party to make a certain payment to… Read More
Demonetization is the act of removing a currency unit’s legal tender status. It happens whenever the national currency changes. The current form or forms of… Read More
The economy is divided into three sectors: primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors. The primary sector involves the extraction and production of raw materials. For example-… Read More
The Minimum Support Price, or MSP, is commonly referred to as a method of protecting farmers in India from the market and natural disaster uncertainties.… Read More
The Number Of People worldwide who live on less than $1.90 a day is known as global poverty trend. The extent of individuals in agricultural… Read More
Economic activities are human endeavors that produce income. Primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activity are typically categorized into these three categories. Higher services are divided… Read More
The term “expenditure” describes a payment made in cash or on credit to buy or obtain goods or services. Liabilities incurred in the exchange of… Read More
Not a general lack of food, but rather the lack of access to food, particularly nutritive food, is the key contributor to hunger. It takes… Read More
By people as a resource, we mean people who form part of the workforce and play a significant role in economic growth by contributing to… Read More
Disguised unemployment is a condition in which the skills of the labor or the workforce that has been hired for employment, are not utilized in… Read More
Human poverty is a thought that goes past the limited perspective on destitution. It exists when individuals live under low guidelines. In this present circumstance,… Read More
A cycle of development produces growth, advancement, constructive change, or the increase of the physical, monetary, ecological, social, and segmental components. An increase in the… Read More
Suggested Category- Government Schemes It is a centerpiece initiative of the Indian government that was launched in 2001 with the goal of achieving the universalization… Read More
The expression “cottage industry” alludes to assembling organizations that do the greater part of their work the hard way. India is perceived and known for… Read More

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