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Each organism in this world, whether it is a plant, an animal, or a microorganism(viruses, bacteria, unicellular eukaryotes), is unique in itself. This uniqueness of… Read More
Respiration is a biological process. It involves the activity of interchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide via a liquid medium to use the oxygen for the… Read More
All living things are composed of the basic components known as cells, which are the basic unit of life. Robert Hooke identified a cell as… Read More
Morphology is the study of phenotypes character or the exterior character with respect to other parts. Morphology of plants deals with the morphology of plants… Read More
A variety of living organisms exists on this planet which is known as diversity. The organism varies in size, shape, nutrition, reproduction, habitat, and other… Read More
Biomolecule, additionally called a natural atom, any of various substances that are delivered by cells and living life forms. Biomolecules have many sizes and designs… Read More
Testis are one of the major organs in endocrine system. As testis are able to secrete hormones, that is why they lies under endocrine system.… Read More
A two-kingdom classification system, the Plantae and Animalia kingdoms, was created during Linnaeus’ time and comprised all plants and animals, respectively. This system was unable… Read More
All living organisms respond and react to changes in the environment. The survival of all living organisms depends on sensing the environment and responding to… Read More
Every organism is made up of basic building blocks called “cells”, cells are the basic functional and structural unit of life of all living organisms.… Read More
The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms. In biology, the cell has the same central position as that of an… Read More
Health is a state of well-being physical, mental and social well-being. The health of a person depends on their surrounding environment. Without maintaining good health… Read More
Flowering Plants (Blooming plants) are really characterized into two classes in light of their undeveloped organism, called Monocotyledonous (monocot) plants and Dicotyledonous plants. Allow us… Read More
The thyroid organ is an endocrine organ that is situated in the front piece of the lower neck, underneath the larynx (voice box). The thyroid… Read More
On the planet Earth, every living thing excretes waste from their bodies and other sources in various ways. Excretion is a vital process that all… Read More

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