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The Shiwalik otherwise cited as the lower Himalayas, square measures a spread of mountains in India. Some primary characteristics of Shiwaliks are as follows: They… Read More
Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan is a flagship programme for the universalization of elementary education. It aims to provide quality education to the students as it was… Read More
e-banking is the result of the internet and e-commerce. e-Banking is a service provided by the banks, in which a customer is allowed to conduct… Read More
A barter system is the oldest form of commerce. Earlier, all the trade practices were carried out according to the barter system of exchange. People… Read More
Income and Expenditure Account is a nominal account prepared by not for profit organisations to ascertain the surplus or deficit of the organisation for the… Read More
In order to review a backward economy, it was necessary for the government to plan for new economic planning. The new economic planning focused on… Read More
When a currency is stripped of its legal status and replaced with a new currency, it is known as demonetization. It is also interpreted as… Read More
The Income and Expenditure Account is prepared by Not for Profit Organisations to ascertain the surplus or deficit for a particular time period.  It is… Read More
Economic environment refers to all these forces that have an economic impact on business activities. We know that business is an economic organization. Therefore, its… Read More
Every business unit sells goods for cash or on credit and sometimes at a profit or loss accordingly. When a good is sold either at… Read More
Every accounting transaction, at a minimum, affects two accounts at the same time, either positively or negatively. Accounting Transaction that causes an increase in capital… Read More
Foreign trade refers to the exchange of goods & services between two or more nations or within boundaries. India has been one of the major… Read More
All living things are produced using at least one cell. A cell is the most straightforward unit of life and they are liable for keeping… Read More
The rudiments of photosynthesis are acknowledged to all. Photosynthesis in better vegetation includes more cycles, but on a very basic stage, it continues earlier. In… Read More
A business cannot run in isolation. It requires proper management and organisation of business activities in an appropriate form. For this, it is essential for… Read More

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