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Plants do not have a circulatory system to transfer molecules from one place to the other. Water and minerals collected from the soil by the… Read More
According to the Consumer Protection Act 2019, a Consumer is a person who buys any goods or avails any services for a consideration, which has… Read More
The process of influencing the behaviour of people towards the achievement of organisational goals is known as Leadership. It indicates the ability of an individual… Read More
Who is a Manager? A manager is responsible for various management functions, whereas a leader is responsible to influence the group in order to achieve… Read More
Any individual or organisation with any consideration in a company or project is considered a stakeholder.  In other words, stakeholders are any individual, association, or… Read More
Advertising and Personal Selling are two major elements of Promotion Mix that helps a marketer in communicating with the customers. What is Advertising? Any paid… Read More
The process of exchange of ideas, views, facts, feelings, etc., between two or more persons in order to reach a common understanding is known as… Read More
The accounting process ends with the preparation of the financial statement. The information about the financial position of any company is provided with the help… Read More
Communication is an indispensable element in human relationships. Humans interact with one another through communication. The term ‘communication’ is derived from the Latin word ‘communis‘,… Read More
A binary number system is a system of numbers that has a base of 2 and uses only two digits, “0 and 1”. It is… Read More
In mathematics division is also known as repetitive subtraction and division is basically the process of dividing a larger number into equivalent groups of smaller… Read More
Waves are things that do not have a definite position we can not specify a definite position to waves they are spread across space, but… Read More
The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms. In biology, the cell has the same central position as that of an… Read More
One of the most fundamental and obvious qualities of a living thing is growth. What exactly is growth? Growth is described as an irreversible permanent… Read More
A rational number is a number that can be expressed in the form of p/q, where p and q are integers, and q is not… Read More

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