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Carbon is a nonmetallic, tetravalent element that is of great use to humans. Its name is derived from Latin carbo which means charcoal or ember.… Read More
It is the responsibility of the public authority to work on the infrastructural assets which incorporate the accessibility of water, electrical lattice, telecom, street, and… Read More
India is a country in South Asia and is the seventh-largest country by area and second-largest by population. It is surrounded by the Bay of… Read More
We require food on a daily basis. Food provides us with nutrients that help in growth, repair and immunity. The major nutrients of food are… Read More
Dichloroacetic acid is an organochlorine compound whose chemical formula is CHCl2COOH. This is also termed dichloroethanoic acid, bichloroacetic acid, DCA, BCA, dichloracetic acid, or bichloracetic… Read More
Each living creature existing in the world of earth wipes out its body squander and other abundance squander in various ways. Excretion is a fundamental… Read More
This investigation of Indian materials takes us to the age when India was the main maker of materials on the planet around 1750, preceding the… Read More
The peninsular rivers incorporate the Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Cauvery, Narmada, and Tapti or Tapi. Together they channel a critical piece of rustic India. These waterways… Read More
Different synthetic substances, including, water, chemicals, and natural solutes are moved by plants in little good ways (starting with one cell then onto the next)… Read More
Platinum is an element of the periodic table. The atomic number of platinum is 78 and it is represented by the symbol Pt. The name… Read More
The term biodiversity was created by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. He used the term to refer to the variety of species found within a particular… Read More
Plants, just like animals are multicellular eukaryotes. This means that they consist of cells, tissues, and organs each with a special unique function to carry… Read More
Growth is necessary for life. Growth in plants or in any other organisms includes an increase in size which is irreversible. In other words,  growth… Read More
Democracy, literally meaning “rule by the people,” allows individuals to exercise political control over the form and functions of their government. While democracies take several… Read More
Agriculture is the science, which mainly deals with the diverse process or strategies used for the development various of plants and animal cultivation or animal… Read More

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