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A tanka, otherwise called a tanka or Kund, is a traditional rainwater collecting strategy, normal to the Thar desert district of Rajasthan, India. It is… Read More
The independence of the Judiciary holds a significant role in providing Justice. The thought of Justice, Liberty, and Equality has no meaning without the independence… Read More
In layman’s language, a Market is a place where the exchange of goods takes place. In other words, a place where the purchase and sale… Read More
In economics, demand is the quantity of a good or service that a consumer is willing and able to purchase at different price levels available… Read More
The quantity of a good or service that a consumer is willing and able to purchase at different price levels available during a given time… Read More
Interest on Drawings is an interest charged on the amount withdrawn by the partners for personal use. Such interest is an income for the firm… Read More
Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) was an Austrian scientist, teacher, and Augustinian prelate who lived in the 1800s.  He was educated in a monastery and went… Read More
The Public Distribution System (PDS) is India’s food security system, which has evolved into affordable food distribution and emergency management system. Distribute food and nonfood… Read More
Molality is the term used to express the concentration of the solution. The concentration of a solution is defined as the measure of the quantity… Read More
Each organism in this world, whether it is a plant, an animal, or a microorganism(viruses, bacteria, unicellular eukaryotes), is unique in itself. This uniqueness of… Read More
A cell performs different functions with the help of its various membrane-bound organelles present in it. It has to secrete cell products, for example, enzymes,… Read More
India is a diverse country, and this diversity is reflected in its flora and fauna. There are many species of plants, animals, mammals, and reptiles.… Read More
A complex number is a number that can be written in the form a + bi, where, a, and b are real numbers, and  “i”… Read More
In mathematics, the terms “exponents and powers” are used when a number is multiplied by itself several times. A number is raised to the power… Read More
The Governor of the state in question administers the oath to the judge of a high court. After the Supreme Court, the High Court is… Read More

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