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Nitrogen is an atomic element with the atomic number 7 and the symbol N. Nitrogen is plentiful in amino acids, nucleic acids, and the energy… Read More
The word Echinoderm is taken from the Greek word “Ekhinos” which means “spiny” and “derm” means “skin”. The endoskeleton of these animals consists of Calciferous… Read More
Mechanical advantage is a measurement that gives the ratio of the force provided to the load to the force needed to overcome the supplied force.… Read More
Formation of the Ghadar Party: In the early 1900s, people from Punjab immigrated to North America especially in Canada and United States to work in… Read More
Microeconomics is a branch of economics studying the behavior of an individual economic unit. Adam Smith is known as the father of economics and microeconomics.… Read More
Social or government institutions create a set of rules by giving precise definitions after a long-standing debate and enforce them on a human to regulate… Read More
Flash and Maya both are animation software used for creating different styles of animation. They are used by individuals as well as organisations for the… Read More
The Gonds lived in a tremendous forested locale known as Gondwana and they working on moving development. The huge Gond clan was separated into numerous… Read More
A semiconductor material’s electrical conductivity is somewhere between that of a conductor, such as metallic copper, and that of an insulator, such as glass. As… Read More
A Fourier series is a sum of sine and cosine waves that represents a periodic function. Each wave in the sum, or harmonic, has a… Read More
Activation energy of a chemical reaction is defined as the least amount of energy necessary to initiate the reaction. It can be interpreted as the… Read More
To understand the difference between EMF and voltage, we must first understand that EMF stands for electromotive force and refers to the voltage present at… Read More
Adivasis, Dalits, Muslims, women, and other marginalized groups claim that just because they are citizens of democratic democracy, they have equal rights that must be… Read More
Trifluoroacetic acid consists of elements Carbon, Fluorine, Oxygen, and Hydrogen. Carbon is a nonmetallic element present in group-14 of the periodic table. Its atomic number… Read More
Financial action is the action of making, giving, buying, or selling products or on the other hand benefits. Any activity that includes creating, circulating, or… Read More

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