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Order of the matrix defines the number of rows and columns that a matrix has. In a matrix, data is arranged as an array of… Read More
Unitary Matrices are defined as square matrices of complex numbers such that the product of the conjugate transpose of a unitary matrix, with unitary matrix… Read More
From the kinetic theory of gases, we have learnt that all the particles in air travel at different speeds and the speed of each particle… Read More
AM-GM Inequality is one of the most famous inequalities in algebra. Before going through AM-GM Inequality first we need to go through arithmetic mean and… Read More
Nilpotent Matrices are special types of square matrices, they are special because the product of a Nilpotent Matrix with itself is equal to a null… Read More
We hear the term “acre” frequently in our daily lives. So, what is an acre? An acre is one of the units of measurement for… Read More
A rectangular array of numbers that are arranged in rows and columns is known as a “matrix.” The size of a matrix can be determined… Read More
Classical economists state that the equilibrium level of income in an economy is always attained at full employment level. Full employment here means the absence… Read More
Contraction in Demand When there is a fall in the quantity demanded of a commodity because of an increase in its price by keeping other… Read More
Expansion in Demand When there is an increase in the quantity demanded of a commodity because of a fall in its price by keeping other… Read More
The proportionate change in the quantity demanded of a commodity due to a proportionate change in the price of the commodity is called Price Elasticity… Read More
Determination of Equilibrium Level  The Keynesian Theory states that the equilibrium situation is usually expressed in terms of Aggregate Demand (AD) and Aggregate Supply (AS).… Read More
Aggregate demand (AD) is the total amount of final products and services that all sectors of the economy intend to purchase over a single accounting… Read More
Demand refers to the quantity of a commodity the customer is willing and capable to purchase, at any given time and at each possible price.… Read More
What is an Idiom? An Idiom can be said a group of words like “Piece of cake”, “Takes two to tango”, “Beat around the bush”,… Read More

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