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Chapter 9 Linear Equation In One Variable – Exercise 9.4 | Set 1 Question 14. I am currently 5 times as old as my son.… Read More
Question 1. A coin is tossed once. Write its sample space. Solution:  Since, a coin has two faces either head or tails. So, if the… Read More
Question 1: Express each number as a product of its prime factors: (i) 140 (ii) 156 (iii) 3825 (iv) 5005 (v) 7429 Solutions: (i) 140… Read More
Question 13. A box contains 1 red and 3 black balls. Two balls are drawn at random in succession without replacement. Write the sample space for… Read More
Question 1. Which of the following sentences are statements? Give reasons for your answer? Note: A sentence is called mathematically acceptable statement if it is… Read More
Question 1: A-line passes through a point A (1, 2) and makes an angle of 60° with the x-axis and intercepts the line x +… Read More
Question 1: Find the value of x for which (8x + 4), (6x – 2) and (2x + 7) are in A.P. Solution: Since (8x… Read More
Question 1. Two circles of radii 5cm and 3cm intersect at two points and the distance between their centers is 4 cm. Find the length… Read More

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