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Question 1. Express each of the following integers as a product of its prime. i) 420 ii) 468 iii) 945 iv) 7325 Solution: Let us… Read More
Question 11. Find the greatest number which divides 285 and 1249 leaving remainders 9 and 7 respectively. Solution: The required number when divides 285 and 1249,… Read More
Question 1. Define HCF of two positive integers and find the HCF of the following pairs of numbers: (i) 32 and 54 Solution: Applying Euclid’s… Read More
Factorization of polynomials is required for solving various problems in Algebra. Factors are numbers or algebraic expressions that divide another number or expression evenly i.e… Read More
If f(x) and g(x) are polynomial functions such function. that g(x) ≠ 0 then f(x)/g(x) is called Rational Functions. If degree f(x) < degree g(x)… Read More
While solving mathematical problems, you may have seen types of equations. Few Equations can contain only numbers, others consist of only variables while some consists… Read More
The knowledge of matrices is necessary for various branches of mathematics. Matrices are one of the most powerful tools in mathematics. From matrices there comes… Read More
Series can be defined as the sum of all the numbers of the given sequence. The sequences are finite as well as infinite. In the… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution in detail with the related theorems. Bernoulli trial is also known… Read More
Find the modulus and the arguments of each of the complex numbers i. Exercises 1 to 2. Question 1.  z = – 1 – i… Read More
Question 1: ∫ sin2(2x+5) dx Solution: sin2(2x+5)= (1-cos2(2x+5)/)2 = (1-cos(4x+10))/2 ⇒ ∫sin2(2x+5)dx= ∫(1-cos(4x+10))/2 dx                      … Read More
Question 1. Find the volume of the right circular cone with: (i) Radius 6cm, height 7cm (ii) Radius 3.5cm, height 12cm (iii) Height is 21cm… Read More

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