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Question 1: Write the degree of each of the following polynomials: (i) 2x3 + 5x2 – 7 (ii) 5x2 – 3x + 2 (iii) 2x… Read More
Question 1: Define an irrational number. Solution: A real number that cannot be expressed in the form of fractions i.e. p/q, where p and q… Read More
Chapter 22 Mensuration III (Surface Area And Volume Of Right Circular Cylinder) – Exercise 22.2 | Set 1 Question 21.  A well is dug 20 m… Read More
In each of the following Exercise 1 to 5, find the equation of the circle with Question 1: Centre (0, 2) and radius 2 Solution:… Read More
The terms HCF and LCM full forms are the Highest common factor and Least Common Multiple. HCF (Highest Common Factor) is used for two or… Read More
A Person can gain profit only if Selling Price > Cost Price. Also, a person generates loss when Selling Price < Cost Price. So let’s… Read More
Question 1. (Fill in the blanks using the correct word given in brackets: (i) All circles are _____________ (congruent, similar).(ii) All squares are _____________ (similar,… Read More
Question 1. Use Euclid’s division algorithm to find the HCF of: (i) 135 and 225 (ii) 196 and 38220 (iii) 867 and 255 Solution: i)135… Read More
Question 1. In the given figure, lines AB and CD intersect at O. If ∠AOC + ∠BOE = 70° and ∠BOD = 40°, find ∠BOE… Read More
Question 1. The sum of first three terms of an AP is 21 and the product of first and the third term exceed the second… Read More
Question 11: The sum of a number and its square is 63/4 , find the numbers. Solution: Let the number is = x so it’s… Read More
Question 1: Find two consecutive numbers whose squares have the sum 85. Solution: Let first number is = x ⇒ Second number = (x+1) Now… Read More

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