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Question. Find the values of the other five trigonometric functions in Exercises 1 to 5. 1. cos x = –1/2, x lies in the third… Read More
Question 1: Define the following terms. (i) Line segment (ii) Collinear points (iii) Parallel lines (iv) Intersecting lines (v) Concurrent lines (vi) Ray (vii) Half-line… Read More
Question 1: For any two sets A and B, prove that: A‘ – B‘ = B – A Solution: To prove: A’ – B’ =… Read More
Question 1. Find, in terms of π, the length of the arc that subtends an angle of 30o at the centre of a circle of… Read More
Question 1: Which of the following expressions are polynomials in one variable and which are not? State reasons for your answer: (i) 3x2 – 4x… Read More
Question 1. Find out the mode of the following marks obtained by 15 students in a class:Marks : 4, 6, 5, 7, 9, 8, 10,… Read More
Factorize the following: Question 1. 3x – 9 Solution: The highest common factor in the above two terms – 3 3x – 9 3(x –… Read More
Question 19. Five cards – ten, jack, queen, king, and an ace of diamonds are shuffled face downwards. One card is picked at random. (i)… Read More
Question 1. The probability that it will rain tomorrow is 0.85. What is the probability that it will not rain tomorrow? Solution: Let E be… Read More
Question 1. Given here are some figures: Classify each of them on the basis of the following. (a) Simple curve          … Read More
Question 1: Find the ratio of the following (a) Speed of a cycle 15 km per hour to the speed of scooter 30 km per… Read More
Question 1: Fill in the blanks:(i) All points lying inside/outside a circle are called ______ points/_______ points.(ii) Circles having the same centre and different radii… Read More

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