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Question 1: In figure, It is given that AB = CD and AD = BC. Prove that ΔADC ≅ ΔCBA. Solution: Given:AB = CD and… Read More
Question1: In Figure, sides QP and RQ of ΔPQR are produced to points S and T respectively. If ∠SPR = 135° and ∠PQT = 110°,… Read More
Question 1. Draw different pairs of circles. How many points does each pair have in common? What is the maximum number of common points?  Solution:… Read More
Solve each of the following Cryptarithms: Question 1.     3       7+ A      B      9       A… Read More
Chapter 14 Compound Interest – Exercise 14.4 | Set 1 Question 11. 6400 workers were employed to construct a river bridge in four years. At… Read More
Question 1. The present population of a town is 28000. If it increases at the rate of 5% per annum, what will be its population… Read More
Question 1. Write two solutions for each of the following equations:(i) 3x + 4y = 7(ii) x = 6y(iii) x + πy = 4(iv) 2/3… Read More
eQuestion 1. If the speed of a boat in still water is 8 Km/hr. It can go 15 Km upstream and 22 Km downstream in… Read More
Question 1. In ∆ ABC, right-angled at B, AB = 24 cm, BC = 7 cm. Determine : (i) sin A, cos A (ii) sin… Read More
Question 1. Write the negation of the following statements: (i) Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. The negation of the statement is  Chennai is… Read More
Problem 1: Show that the sequence defined by an = 5n – 7 is an A.P., find its common difference. Solution: Given:  an = 5n… Read More
Question 1: Ashu is x years old while his mother Mrs. Veena is  x2 years old. Five years  hence Mrs.  Veena  will be three times… Read More
Question 1. Which of the following figures lie on the same base and between the same parallels. In such a case, write the common base… Read More
Question 1: The exterior angles, obtained on producing the base of a triangle both ways are 104° and 136°. Find all the angles of the… Read More
Problem 1: In a ∆ABC, AD is the bisector of ∠A, meeting side BC at D. (i) If BD = 2.5 cm, AB = 5… Read More

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