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Question 27. A T.V. tower stands vertically on a bank of a river of a river. From a point on the other bank directly opposite… Read More
Prove the following identities: Question 18. = -2 Solution: Considering the determinant, we have R2⇢R2 – R1 and R3⇢R3 – R2 △ = 1[2(a + 2)… Read More
Question 1. A tower stands vertically on the ground. From a point on the ground, 20 m away from the foot of the tower, the… Read More
Question 33. Prove that n11/11 + n5/5 + n3/3 – 62/165n is true for all n ∈ N. Solution: Let, P(n) = n11/11 + n5/5… Read More
We are well versed with equations in multiple variables. Linear Equations represent a point in a single dimension, a line in a two-dimensional, and a… Read More
Derivatives are considered a mathematical way of analyzing the change in any quantity. We have studied calculating the derivatives for different kinds of functions such… Read More
As the complexity of the functions increase, we see more and more complex behavior from their graphs, and it becomes harder to graph. There have… Read More
When Humans look at their childhood pictures, the first thing they realize is how tall or heavy they have become as compared to the early… Read More
Question 1. A diet of two foods F1 and F2 contains nutrients thiamine, phosphorus, and iron. The amount of each nutrient in each of the… Read More
Work and energy are units that are closely associated with one another. In Physics, for 2 objects, the work done is outlined because of the… Read More
Prove the following by the principle of mathematical induction: Question 17. a + ar + ar2 + … + arn-1  = a [(rn – 1)/(r… Read More
Question 1 (i). Verify Lagrange’s mean value theorem for the following function on the indicated interval. In each case find a point ‘c’ in the… Read More
Question 1. Apply division algorithm to find the quotient q(x) and remainder r(x) on dividing f(x) by g(x) in each of the following: (i) f(x) =… Read More
Question 1: If y=sin x and x changes from π/2 to 22/14, what is the approximate change in y? Solution: According to the given condition,… Read More
Question 9: Using differentials, find the approximate values of the following: (xiv)  Solution: Considering the function as y = f(x) = cos x Taking x… Read More