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Carcinogen is a chemical substance or a combination of chemical substances which increases the risk of cancer or causes cancer. Carcinogens exist naturally in the… Read More
Reproduction is a biological process in which living organisms produce offspring similar to them. Reproduction is an important event to ensure the continuity of species… Read More
Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal of atomic number 12 and it is represented by the symbol Mg. The name Magnesium comes from the Greek… Read More
India is officially known as the Republic of India is a country in South Asia and is the seventh-largest country by area and second-largest by… Read More
The complex number is derived because of the roots of any nth equation. If the equation has real roots it is fine else equation may… Read More
HR alludes to individuals who are essential to the labor force. HR assumes a critical part in the economy of a nation by adding to… Read More
Arsenic is a chemical element having the symbol As and the atomic number of arsenic is 33. It is a natural element that is found… Read More
Handicrafts are vital. They address individuals’ way of life and customs. It advances the legacy of a country using native materials. It jams conventional information… Read More
Active Transport  Active transport is a sort of cell transport where substances move against a fixation slope. This implies that the heading is from an… Read More
Algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical expressions. It comprises variables, coefficients, operators, and constants. Example: Let 3x + 4 be an… Read More
The poverty line is the degree of pay to meet the base everyday environments. Poverty line is how much cash is required for an individual… Read More
English kept on being utilized in India after Independence since south Indian states are major areas of strength for communicating with Hindi. There were likewise… Read More
Water transport is the most effective and usually crucial strategy for transport. Water transportation is the savviest strategy for moving large, transient, and weighty things… Read More
A cell is a cytoplasmic mass that is outwardly bound by a cell membrane. Cells, which are typically tiny in size, are the smallest structural… Read More
Natural resources are resources that exist without human intervention and are found in the environment and developed without human involvement. They include air, sunlight, water,… Read More

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