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Numerals or numbers are the arithmetical values used for counting, measurements, or recognizing time and for many other activities. Numerals are generally called numbers. The… Read More
Hydraulic machines are used in a lot of mechanical devices, from our cars to the springs used in trains. Hydraulic systems are involved. These systems… Read More
Numbers are used in various arithmetic operations as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc which are applicable in daily businesses and trading activities. Numerals or numbers are… Read More
Aren’t rainbows beautiful? Have you ever wondered how a rainbow comes to be? It is a basic physics phenomenon known as light dispersion. So, what… Read More
Scratch is a high-level visual programming language tool that interacts with users through diagrams and blocks that have the basics of a program inbuilt in… Read More
Microsoft Word is a software tool that allows us to create documents file like articles, office letters, projects files and many more in a very… Read More
Frictional forces are in almost every aspect of the physical world. These forces oppose the motion of the object against each other. In this way,… Read More
Everyday in business or in another field there are lots of information or documentation files are there that are required to store for future use.… Read More
Pascal’s law relates pressure and the height of the static fluids. A static fluid is defined as a fluid that is not in motion. When… Read More
When an object gains kinetic energy and changes position, it is known to be in motion. There are three types of motion possible, one dimensional,… Read More
Numerals or numbers are the mathematical figures often applicable to conduct operations like calculations, counting, measurements, or recognizing time and for many other activities. Numerals… Read More
Numbers are frequently applied in our daily lives to conduct perfect calculations, count things, measurements, or recognizing time and for many other activities. They are… Read More
We are very familiar with the term matter. Everything around us can be considered as a matter. Generally, it’s misconceived that the study of matter… Read More
Friction is a force that resists the motion between two surfaces. While it is mostly responsible for resistance against motion, it is also responsible for… Read More
Microsoft PowerPoint is a  presentation of topics that allows us to create “presentation slides” that can be displayed on the computer screen or on a… Read More

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