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Heinrich Kayser, a German physicist, coined the term adsorption in 1881. Surface chemistry is concerned with the phenomena that occur at surfaces or interfaces. Solid-gas… Read More
Catalysis is a phenomenon in which the rate of a reaction is changed by using a substance known as a catalyst. A catalyst is a… Read More
In a catalysed process, the catalyst usually reacts chemically with the reactants but is eventually regenerated, thus the catalyst level remains constant. Because the catalyst… Read More
There are different branches in mathematics, out of which one branch is algebra. In algebra, we deal with numerals and variables. The term which has… Read More
Mensuration comes from the Latin word mensurate which means ‘to measure’. So mensuration chapter is all about measuring various values. In mathematics, calculations, and measurement… Read More
In arithmetic, we deal with the number and different operations on the number. In geometry, we deal with the shape and angles of the structure.… Read More
Mobile technology is a type of technology in which a user utilizes a mobile phone to perform communications-related tasks, such as communicating with friends, relatives,… Read More
Mensuration is the branch of mathematics that deals with the calculation of parameters like weight, volume, area, perimeter, etc. of geometrical shapes. Mensuration is concerned… Read More
The idea of atoms dates back two millennia, long before John Dalton introduced the concept of atoms in 1803. Kanada, an ancient Indian philosopher, discussed… Read More
Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules to a surface from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solids. This process forms an adsorbate film… Read More
Solutions are systems that are homogeneous. When sand is mixed with water, it forms a suspension that settles over time. Colloidal dispersions, or simply colloids,… Read More
Data Transfer Rate (DTR) can be defined as the ratio of the total amount of digital data transferred between two points in some defined period… Read More
A Software License is a document that legally permits you for the use and distribution of software. It’s a legal right given by the company… Read More
Internet is the foremost important tool and the prominent resource that is being used by almost every person across the world. It connects millions of… Read More
An equilateral triangle is a geometrical 2D figure which has all three sides equal. All the edges subtend an angle of 60° at the corners.… Read More