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Purchase or selling things, products, services, or goods over the internet is known as E-Commerce. Or in other words, running a business using an electronic… Read More
Today, almost every person and industry, like in commerce, government, education, entertainment, etc., uses the internet for different purposes. As we know that internet is… Read More
Gauss law is defined as the total flux out of the closed surface is equal to the flux enclosed by the surface divided by the… Read More
An atom is the smallest unit of an element consisting of protons  (positive charge), electrons (negative charge), and neutrons(neutral). The protons are positively charged particles… Read More
Natural numbers are all positive integers from 1 to infinity and are a component of the number system. Natural numbers are only positive integers, excluding… Read More
A saturated solution is one that contains the maximum amount of solute capable of being dissolved, whereas unsaturated solutions contain less than the maximum amount… Read More
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation of topics that allows us to create “presentation slides” that can be displayed on the computer screen or on a… Read More
According to Gauss’s Law, the total electric flux out of a closed surface equals the charge contained divided by the permittivity. The electric flux in… Read More
The night sky is filled with brilliant stars. Stars, like the sun, emit their own light. The Sun is millions of times further distant than… Read More
Parallel plate capacitors have already been addressed. But do you have any idea what they are? Is it a configuration in which two plates are… Read More
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the most basic language, and simple to learn and modify. It is a combination of both hypertext… Read More
A system was introduced to define the numbers present from negative infinity to positive infinity. The system is known as the Number system. Number system… Read More
Cybersafety is known as the safe and responsible use of the internet to make sure of safety and privacy of personal information and not posing… Read More
The number system is a system of processing numbers. Number formats are the internal representation of numeric values in computer architecture. Numeric values are stored… Read More
Scratch is a high-level visual programming language tool that interacts with users through diagrams and blocks that have the basics of a program inbuilt in… Read More

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