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The value of tan 30 degrees is 1/2. In radian tan 30° is written as tan π/6. Trigonometric functions are very important, for various studies… Read More
The Number System is a system for representing numbers on the Number Line using a collection of symbols and rules. These symbols, which range from… Read More
Bohr model of the atom was explained by Neil Bohr in 1915. It came into existence with the modification of Rutherford’s model of the atom.… Read More
Elements are chemically occurring natural substances that may be found in a free state or combined state. They are extracted from ores. ores are found… Read More
The term “combination” is thrown around loosely, and usually in the wrong way. Things like, “Hey, what’s the suitcase lock combination?” are said But what… Read More
Probability is a mathematical branch that deals with calculating the likelihood of occurrence of a random event. Its value ranges between 0 (event will never… Read More
Probability is the likelihood of something happening. When we say the probability of something, it means how likely that something is. Some events have a… Read More
In daily life, usually the word ‘probably’ is used when people are not sure about certain things. For example, Probably, India may win the match… Read More
Mensuration is a Greek word that means ‘measurement’. Mensuration is a branch of mathematics that involves the calculation of geometric figures like squares, rectangles, cones,… Read More
Trigonometry is a field in mathematics that deals with the ratios of the sides and their angles in a triangle. By using various relations and… Read More
Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. It is a method of collecting and summarising the data. This… Read More
To construct the formulas of ionic compounds, we must first understand the valencies of the positive and negative ions that combine to produce the ionic… Read More
The main components of an element are its atoms, atoms of different elements are different from each other on the basis of atomic number. But… Read More
Normally, a library is a collection of books or is a room or place where many books are stored to be used later. Similarly, in… Read More
In the early days, the ancestors did not know counting and used to represent different objects by symbols and letters. Later they used numbers to… Read More

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