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Question 1. Draw a line segment of length 8.6cm. Bisect it and measure the length of each part. Solution: Steps of construction: Step 1: Draw… Read More
Prove the following identities:  Question 16. cos2 (π/4 – x) – sin2 (π/4 – x) = sin 2x Solution: Let us solve LHS, = cos2… Read More
Mother Earth always seems to be stationary to human beings but in reality, Earth is constantly revolving around the Sun, and it is a Universal… Read More
Physical quantities are divided into two categories – scalar and vector quantities. The quantities which have only magnitude and not any fixed direction are called… Read More
A conductor has a large number of free electrons. When a potential difference is applied across the ends of a conductor, the free electrons move… Read More
You’ve probably seen a set of train lines, a staircase, or a set of piano keys. Is there something that any of these have in… Read More
In a plane, we know that we need two mutually perpendicular lines to locate the position of a point. These lines are called coordinate axes… Read More
There existed a time when no electronic devices were available, devices like laptop, cellphones, there even was a time when humans did not have a… Read More
Limits form the foundation of the theory of calculus. Limits of the functions are used to define the derivatives of the functions, check the continuity… Read More
We know how to calculate the areas of some standard curves like rectangle, square, trapezium, etc. There are formulas for areas of each of these… Read More
Integration is a process of calculating the area of a particular region into many small strips and then calculate their area and sum it together.… Read More
We know that the functions are just like a machine or a box which takes an input value and gives us some output value after… Read More
Graphs are very necessary in the field of calculus, many times it is easier to do a lot of things or get an idea about… Read More
A rainbow shining against a gloomy stormy sky is a sight that everyone loves. How does sunshine shining through pure raindrops produce the rainbow of… Read More

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